opting out of state tests

Some families choose to opt out of state tests. More and more schools are sharing info about how they deal with that gap in info on a child’s application. Quick note: screened schools (one admissions method) look at data which includes grades, test scores and attendance. Some screened schools have additional screens like testing, interviews, essays, auditions. 

Opt Out NYC has been compiling info from schools about how they handle things: 
and here is the schools they have info about:

If you don’t see the info above, you can absolutely ask at tours/open houses. 

SHSAT and cut off scores

High school offers went out yesterday and I'm getting a bit of a clearer picture about how changes that took place this year are affecting things. 

This season the Mayor held out 13% of specialized high school seats for the Discovery Program (economically disadvantaged students in high poverty schools who missed the cut off and can take a summer class to earn a seat in the fall). You can see in the chart below that cut off scores this year went up across the board. Keep in mind the DOE doesn’t release this info - it’s all self reported - but this has been a reliable source for years.

A few more things to keep in mind:

Next year 20% of seats will be held out for the Discovery Program which means cut off scores will most likely be higher.

Cut off scores change every year - they’re not set in stone.

There’s generally a hierarchy in cut offs: Stuy is always the highest, the next grouping (Bronx Science, HSMSE, HSAS, SI Tech) fluctuates - they’re usually close but change rank order. Brooklyn Tech is always near bottom - that cut off is lower because they have a bigger freshman class. The changes in order depend on how kids rank schools. 


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