DISTRICT 2: Change in Baruch's admissions rubric

Seems there’s no longer an essay required for admission:


When you click on the link for more info at the bottom of the page above and it mentions essays, those are from last year. 

I completely understand why a school would ditch something that must create a lot of extra work for them. Millennium Manhattan dropped the essay component of their admissions rubric a couple of years ago. But, it’s nice for kids to have an opportunity to shine in something other than grades. My son got an offer from Baruch and we were pretty sure it was because of a terrific essay he wrote. 




the heat of tour season

I ran into someone from this list this morning and she mentioned even though she wasn’t sure it was a good fit for her kid, they were checking out Bard today.

You never know. 

My kid fell in love with Brooklyn Tech, much to everyone’s surprise, and that spurred her on to spend more time on test prep - before that she was known to sit and read an unrelated book in test prep classes. On tours, at open houses, both she and Jack had strong reactions to schools, often surprising all of us, loving things we hadn’t expected, hating things that seemed like good fits on paper. 

My advice at this point: 

Take notes!

Hold onto any materials they give out!

Talk about what your kid thought/felt, even if they don’t want to talk about it. Even gleaning little things, like out lunch is important or the commute feels too much can make a difference in ranking and decision making.

Don’t make set in stone decisions about anything yet. Keep an open mind - this is just the beginning. 

The Facebook ticket exchange seems to be working out for people - thanks all for making it happen. Check it out if you’re looking or want to swap or give away:


And please, let me know how tours are going. Would love to hear feedback and what you think.