after the SHSAT (and even more info about the SHSAT)

The test can be all consuming and yet there’s still so much other stuff going on. I’m planning to check out the LaGuardia open house tomorrow. I have no idea what to expect as they’ve never done one before. Even parents there aren’t quite sure how it’ll all work - I’ve been in touch with people on the PTA and it’s still a bit of a mystery. Please let me know if you’ll be there. Would love to say hi in person. 

As for the SHSAT, yes there are different versions of the test, not merely re-ordered questions. This year there are 7 - one specifically for kids taking it during a school day at schools someone designated as potential feeder schools - this info from someone who is a mayoral appointee working closely with the DOE and is an expert on SHSAT issues. That’s an interesting side tangent. The DOE pledged 15 million dollars over 4 years to increase the number of underrepresented minorities in specialized schools. But, despite the announcement and initiative, there doesn’t seem to have been much movement to make anything happen.