beacon essays

Beacon has two essay prompts this year (when Jack applied, the first was the essay prompt to turn in, the second was an assignment they did while waiting to be interviewed): 

A one-page, single-spaced typed paper, written by the student (not more than 500 words). In the paper, the student may respond to either the first or second prompt, but not both. 

The first prompt for the paper is: What do you do in your extracurricular life that demonstrates a commitment to learning beyond the classroom? Discuss a special dedication to, a special talent for, or interest in the arts, technology, community service, an academic subject, or sports. 

The second prompt is: Discuss a person or experience that changed your life. Explain the person or experience and, specifically, how the person or experience changed you.

My advice - and this goes for all essays your kids might be writing - don’t write it for them. Schools (this goes for colleges too) can tell what is a kid’s voice and what’s an adult’s voice. Which means the final piece might not be exactly what you want it to be but that’s ok. Jack wrote about his love of basketball - playing on the JV team, the Knicks NBA2012. I don’t know that I would have picked that as a subject for him, but he wrote passionately and did a good job in the end. To that end, my daughter wrote her main college essay about dying her hair and what it meant to her. Again, not a subject I would have picked, but it was a fantastic look into who she is.