info about Beacon

Beacon’s first open house is this week. As I’ve said before, get there early - that line builds up and is literally around the block as they start letting people in. First time I went I picked up my daughter and a bunch of kids at their middle school and met another mom who went straight there to get a spot online. Second time Jack and his friends went straight up after school and parents met their kids there. Both times I was there at least a couple of hours before the doors opened. I’ve heard they cap it at a certain number of people and at a certain point stopped letting people in.

Last year they changed their policy about interviews. They used to interview everyone who signed up. I can only imagine how overwhelming that must have been. Now, you (parent or child) submit a portfolio (explicit instructions are on their website), sign up for an interview, and they will let you know if your child gets one:

This got a little crunchy last year as some people were invited to interviews who hadn’t dropped portfolios off yet. System glitch. Others didn’t hear anything at all and felt badly hounding the school to make sure their materials had gotten to the right place. Hopefully this year will work better. If it was me, I’d review portfolios first and then notify those who quality with sign up information. But no one’s asking.

Beacon is beyond a super popular option. It’s a great school that accepts kids from all over the city so it’s in high demand everywhere, not just in Manhattan where it’s based. Rumor has it and again, this is hearsay, that they take less kids from District 2 than others because District 2 has so many district specific options. 



Here’s the link to how admissions work and what they’re looking for in a portfolio:

As I’ve said before - some schools are terrific at helping kids get materials ready, others not so much. If you’re stuck and don’t have any seventh grade work that’s appropriate, perhaps think about talking to a current teacher to see if there’s something on hand you could use for submission.

Again, admissions policies changed last year. They DO NOT interview everyone who applies. They vet portfolios first and then invite students to come in after that. But, you sign up for an interview first and they’ll notify you whether you actually get one. It’s a bit confusing.