time management

I sent this out today. Comments are below.

A takeaway from many yesterday was the amount of homework kids said they get. I also noticed many of the kids mentioned how important time management was in staying on top of things. 


Well not all. But that's a significant factor in dealing with work loads in high school. 

Several students mentioned yesterday that they use lunch and free time during the day to get work done so once they're home they don't have everything waiting for them to do. Smart. Super smart if possible. My daughter used to get to school early to work. Jack goes to the library at lunch. 

Things to keep in mind while checking out schools:

Not all teachers give the same amount of work. 

Some work is due next day, some longer term which requires planning in advance (my daughter was worrying last night about a paper due next Tuesday).

An assignment that one kid will plough through in half an hour could take another kid an hour plus. 

The security of being in class with the same kids, like in middle school, is gone. That means a lot more personal responsibility. 

And a grain of salt moment: student tour guides are usually terrific and generally they chose to be take on that role. Not every student at any school will necessarily be that on top of things as these kids seem to be. 3-5 hours of homework might be a red flag for your kid. And that's totally fine. 

In the end it's finding places that seem like good fits for your child, not necessarily the schools everyone is talking about.