things in the spring

Hey folks!

I’ve already heard from some of you about spring tours - you know far more than I did when I went through this process the first time.

Yes, Bard and Bronx Science hold open houses in the spring (in the past it’s been both Queens and Manhattan Bards). Generally they’ve taken place at the beginning of June - in fact Bronx Science's is taking place on June 8. Bard open houses are sign up only and they sell out, literally, in 2 minutes. Sort of like a Stones concert back in the day. Bronx Science is an open house that they ask you to register for, but that’s more for them, to get a sense of how many are attending. They don’t check tickets or check you in, in any way.

Brooklyn Latin usually has sign up tours in the spring. Last year the iSchool hosted spring tours as well. GREAT idea to see schools in the spring so you can get them out of the way. The fall gets packed quickly and, especially for those taking the SHSAT and/or applying to audition schools, you don’t want kids to get stretched too thin. 

I’ll have dates posted in the members section of the HS411 website, but suggest if you’re interested in any schools, mark them down on your calendar. It gets confusing once things get into full swing and you want to make sure not to double book or miss anything.

All these emails will be on my blog on the HS411 website as well, so you can always go back and look things up.

As more unfolds, I’ll be back in touch. And any questions at all, please ask.