Fall dates are starting to hit

ElRo’s website doesn’t sign a sign up available yet, but says things will go live first week in September:


A quick aside about ElRo that applies to all schools - write down when you book tours for! Not all school sends an acknowledgement email (both times I went through this ElRo didn’t - I couldn’t remember when I signed up and thankfully they had space when I signed up again). Some schools have you print out tickets. Some have check lists when you get there. I would print out whatever you can and make sure you note it down somewhere to help you keep track of what’s going to be a busy fall.

This summer tour announcement with sign ups happened last year with Brooklyn Tech, Bard, and Lab as well - before kids were back in classes, schools opened up tour sign ups. Important to stay on top of things because once kids are back at school some things will already have sold out.


Brooklyn Tech open house is Monday, October 17, times TBD. Tours are listed on their school calendar but sign ups are live yet.

Brooklyn Latin’s open house is Wednesday, October 19 from 5pm-7pm: 


They host tours in the fall as well - but don’t have sign up info posted you. 

Bronx Science is Thursday, October 20, times TBD.

I’m not seeing other dates posted yet. 

All this will be up on the HS411 important dates section later today.

You can see the specialized schools open houses happen within a few days of each other, all right before the SHSAT. Can be overwhelming to drag yourselves and your child to too many of these if you can avoid it. If you have a chance to go on a tour instead, that might be a way to avoid that October specialized crunch. Plus, other schools will host events around that time to. This is when attention to scheduling is super important.