another way to get info plus more open house dates

Every year the DOE does a little more to make the process easier for parents - which is a good thing. They just started a calendar with info and links to info sessions:

It’s a lovely start, except that it’s incomplete. For example, I noticed Brooklyn Tech tours aren’t on there. I also checked out the NEST info session listing but there isn’t actually anything posted about it on the NEST site. So, I suggest taking this with a grain of salt and always double check on things.

Having said that, Staten Island Technical High School’s open house is Thursday, 10/6 from 5:30-8pm (I double checked the school’s website):

Frank Sinatra’s open houses are 10/13th and 18th from 6-8pm:

American Studies at Lehman College is Thursday, 10/13 from 5:30-7:30pm

The SHSAT is Saturday/Sunday, 10/22 and 23 and Sunday, 10/30.

I see that while Eleanor Roosevelt hasn’t launched their tour sign up yet, dates are posted on their calendar:

Same for Brooklyn Latin:

Might be helpful in planning your busy fall. I’m still scouring to see if anything else has been posted. 

And I’m working on an epic specialized high school email. Stay tuned.