looking ahead

Last night I talked about specialized high schools at NYU (lovely to meet some of you in person!) and I will absolute share more info here about the SHSAT and test in schools. One of my major take aways though is life after high school. 

My daughter, now in her 3rd day at college, fell in love with Brooklyn Tech from her first tour. Part of it was that they taught science fiction/fantasy literature as an elective, but she also loved the options and the size and the many opportunities. She went in with a love of science, particularly genetics and geology with a bit of chemistry thrown in. 

As a vegetarian, dissections in science stopped the science track. She discovered a deep love of Oscar Wilde and Shakespeare. She chose industrial design as her major and her favorite class in all four years was AP macro economics (no one saw that coming). Her English classes ran a close second. 

She's now an honors students and a costume technology major in a theater school, planning to minor in business management in the music industry. Her four years at a STEM school helped shape her next steps that have nothing to do with what we'd thought she'd be doing. As I told her and I continue to tell my little one, high school is part of the journey but it's not everything. 

Perhaps high school will end up a fabulous fit, perhaps it won't be what you were expecting or hoping for or imagining. But, in the end, these kids will learn and grow and be better prepared for the next step.