mini recap and some more info about open houses/tours and district schools

So far Millennium tours have sold out, so have those at Bard Queens. There’s still room on some Eleanor Roosevelt and Brooklyn Tech tours, as well as Bard assessment. 

Lab tours should go live on Tuesday. No word yet about Baruch or Clinton, for those who’ve asked. Brooklyn Latin tours should go live the week of the 19th.

It seems as if Stuy is having only one open house, although I heard there’s going to be a separate one for underrepresented minorities. And for the first time, LaGuardia is hosting an open house. That’s a lovely addition to the mix. 

For those newer to this list, you’re seeing that every school operates differently - everything from how info is posted to how to sign up to options about how you see the school. Tours are generally sign up with groups of people assigned to guides who take you through a building. Open houses are more of a show up free-for-all where you can wander around yourself. Some schools do hybrids: Eleanor Roosevelt is a sign up with limited number of people admitted, but after you hear a presentation, you are free to roam on your own. On the other hand at Beacon you just show up but then are shepherded through the school with a group to predesignated locations. And, this can change from year to year so none of this is set in stone. Whew. 

Lastly, a bit about the school I share info about. Some are screened for district 2, meaning if you don’t live or your child doesn’t go to school in the district, your chances of getting in are generally lower. I didn’t realize how good district 2 families had it until my daughter headed to school in Brooklyn and I learned all school districts don’t have district priority schools. In fact, while those of us in district 2 often complain about not enough seats, we’ve got a good deal going compared to much of the city. On the other hand, Manhattan is the only borough without a zoned school of its own, so there is no safety net.