tours vs open houses

Just to make sure everyone is on the same page:

High schools are offering tours and/or open houses. Some are offering both. Brooklyn Tech, Brooklyn Latin, Lab, and it’s looking like Murrow are having both open houses that anyone and everyone can show up at, along with tours that you need to sign up for. Bard Queens is having both open houses and tours but you need to sign up for both (tours are full but it looks like there’s room at the open houses). 

Bronx Science asks people to sign up for its open house (that’s not live yet) but they don’t check anything once you get there. In the past it’s been to give them a sense of how many people are coming. Many open houses are open ended - you show up within the time period and explore the school on your own. Others, like Beacon and Stuy (although their’s might change this year) you show up and wait on line to see a presentation in groups before you’re escorted around the building by student tour guides. At Eleanor Roosevelt you get a presentation but then wander the building on your own while at Baruch and Millennium, there’s a presentation and then you’re escorted. Sometimes you stay with your child, sometimes they’re sent off on their own. 

There are so many variables it’s hard to keep straight and schools can change things up from year to year. I’m going on how it’s been but wouldn’t be surprised if some things change along the way.