New millennium tours and the DOE event calendar

New Millennium tours:

I’ve been exploring the DOE’s event calendar and I’m finding it might complicate things a bit without further explanation.

You can click on any of the listings to get more info. I’m not sure that all the time they suggest you be in touch with someone at the school, that that is necessary to do. I opened NEST's listing as a test and while there’s a contact person listed, you need to sign up online, at NEST’s website. 

And they’re using different terminology. Seems it’s all OPEN HOUSE or INFORMATION SESSION. But when I click on NEST’s information session, it’s called an open house. And the word TOUR is mentioned in body copy, not headlines. Not a lot of standardization. And again, every school does things in their own unique way. 

Lastly, this calendar is NOT complete. I know Brooklyn Tech has weekly tours happening and they’re not listed. No idea how many other schools haven’t shared their info.