specialized high school talk

I was at Inside School’s specialized high school talk tonight and heard some interesting things I wanted to share with those who might have been there and everyone else as well. There was a bit misinformation that I wanted to set the record straight about.

A parent from LaGuardia said the day is always split in two, half academic, half art. Not always true according to current parents there. 

Someone else suggested that kids at the larger specialized high schools get less individualized attention and write less than kids at the smaller specialized schools. But, all public school teachers have the same contract, which stipulates how many periods a day they teach and the max class size. I can only speak for my kids at Tech, but they had plenty of writing assignments that were thoughtfully graded. And by parent/teacher conferences in October, I never met a teacher who didn’t know my child, who didn’t have insights into who there were as a person and a learner. 

Another mentioned that Tech is more applied science and Bronx Science is more theoretical. Both schools have a wide variety of classes. I am never a fan of holding on to statements like that too hard. While one school may have more of a math or humanities bent than another, doesn’t mean your kid won’t be engaged and thrive in an environment you weren’t expecting. Or that their high school experience will propel them in different directions altogether in college. My science daughter, who went to Tech interested in genetic engineering, is now at a theatre conservatory studying costume technology.

They talked about large vs small. Close vs far. Three students talked about commute times, sleeping and why they chose their schools. They mentioned, and I wholeheartedly agree, how important it is to consider both main round and specialized schools, and how families should work hard to not get caught up in one choice. 


And then I left, to take care of my sick sophomore who’s home with a horrible cold.