some (hopefully) helpful words of wisdom

This is when it all starts getting real. Tours are being posted. Open houses are scheduled. Test prep (for those doing it) will start heating up. There can be conflicts and confusion and even misinformation at times for the next couple of months. 

Take a deep breath. 

Give yourself and your kid some space and a little bit of a break. 

Not only is this high school search overwhelming at times, it’s also a big change for all of you. New school, new friends, new teachers, new commute, new routines. And that’s big. There’s more independence and responsibility in high school and that’s often a significant change too. The pressure that surrounds this process isn’t fair and won’t make sense at times. I just saw that School of the Future schedules its interviews for after applications are due. I believe that can happen at Nest and Bard as well. How can you rank schools not knowing how an interview goes? But that’s the way it works sometimes. 

Some kids will take to this with enthusiasm and excitement. For others it will be like having wisdom teeth pulled. Still others will remain ambivalent throughout (like my little one). And, you won’t necessarily know how your child will react until you’re in the middle of things. All part of the process.

I’m thinking more schools will post info about events this week and next, so you’ll be hearing from me a bunch. And thanks to everyone who’s giving the rest of us a head’s up.