some advice about coping

You're now getting a sense of what the next few months are going to be like - lots, if not too much info. Much to process. Conflicting dates. Endless things to schedule and stay on top of. 

It's a lot. Not just for you but for your kid too. They're dealing with it themselves, plus they're also dealing with it with their peers. It's fascinating how they might suddenly have strong ideas about schools out of nowhere. It's generally because friends are talking and friends can be quite influential at this age. 

As you go through this I'd suggest making sure to make time to talk through all this with your family. After every tour that we could, Jack and I decompressed at a diner to talk about what we'd seen and often to talk about anything other than high school. It was important to find some normalcy in this. And when we couldn't talk directly after, I'd make sure we'd spend even a few minutes that night talking about the school we'd seen. That's how I came up with my three thing gimmick - he'd tell me the three things that stuck out the most about every school and I'd jot them down. Often that started constructive conversation when a straight up, "what did you think?" didn't get us far. 

I'd also suggest setting up some sort of organizational system before you get started. Maybe use a notebook to keep track of things. Set up space to save all the brochures and handouts you're getting. Have a calendar set up to mark things in.