clearing up some Beacon questions

The way Beacon handles stuff is a bit off the beaten path - make sure you’ve got dates on your calendar and are ready to go, if it’s on your list.  

Their screen requires a portfolio submission which takes place between 10/16 and 11/13. More info below: 

They also interview students, only AFTER their portfolios are reviewed. EVERYONE who’s interested needs to sign up for an interview. Sign ups take place on their website between 10/16 and 11/14. BUT they do not interview everyone. More info here:

So, you drop off a portfolio, sign up for an interview, and then wait to hear back from the school as to whether or not they’ve granted an interview. 

My suggestion: think about doing this all sooner rather than later. If you drop a portfolio off towards the end of the submission time and are granted an interview, that will happen late in the process too. Applications are due the very beginning of December, and it’s hard waiting until the very end, as you’re starting to think about ranking, to have a big unknown to contend with. 

Some kids walk out of interviews feeling like they nailed it. Others will feel like they bombed (my daughter’s LaGuardia audition was one of the worst days of her life). Better to have that info before applications are due. Some schools continue interviewing after applications are submitted, which makes zero sense to me.