marathon, not sprint

I was talking to a friend the other day, who’s on this list with her second kid and she said that she was so thrilled to have gotten through the mad rush of signing up for things and then she realized she actually had to go on all those tours. 

What felt like a sprint at the beginning is actually a marathon.

This part can be exhausting and overwhelming for different reasons than the madcap sign up craziness. It’s a lot to take in. You’re comparing vastly different places with so many variables it’s becomes almost impossible to compare. You’re trying to envision where your barely a teenager will thrive as they’re continuing to grow up. You’re working on keeping your kids engaged in the process when they have their school work and extra stuff and test prep and regular teenage stuff to grapple with. And they trying to make informed, reasonable decisions in a flawed system.

Organization helps. Sometimes having your child talk to someone who’s not their parents helps. School guidance counselors might help, they might now. Parents of high schoolers might be a resource if you’re talking to them about the schools their kids go to. Going on tours and getting a sense of what places are actually like helps. Right now, this is all conceptual and that makes it more confusing. Trying the commute, seeing a building, talking to people there will hopefully start grounding this process a bit. 

Again folks, any questions, please ask.