some info about Beacon interviews

Being that I’ve never attended a Beacon interview, this is based solely on hearsay. And, they changed their admissions set up (they no longer interview everyone who requests one), things have been shifting a bit. 

As of last year sometimes there was an in person writing assignment. It used to be mandatory and it was the consensus of parents that those were more about filling time while kids were waiting for interviews than actually read. But, now that fewer kids are being interviewed and therefore waiting, it’s not automatically happening. I did hear last year, though, that some kids were writing them. And, that those were sometimes asked about in interviews. 

If things continue as they have in the past (as you’ve seen, nothing is set in stone in this process), kids are interviewed by teachers and current students and they’re not alone, they’re paired with another applicant or two. That makes for a challenging dynamic for some, especially those who are shy or quiet. Questions generally revolve around the work they submitted in their portfolios, but Kids have been know to have been asked about current events, extra curricular activities, the essays they wrote. Last year one student told me she was asked that if she could redesign Mt. Rushmore, who would she include. 

It seems, from info gleaned from my kids and many others, there’s not a set script for these interviews, no concrete questions asked. 

ALSO, there can be glitches in the interview system. Last year a slew of people were invited for interviews before they had submitted portfolios. Those interview offers were rescinded. Some people never heard back and had to reach out and contact the school themselves.  

If your child doesn’t get an interview, it is ZERO REFLECTION on the fabulous person they are. It’s that SO many people want to go to Beacon. 

A quick note about how the schools is set up: they do performance based assessments rather than testing. They only are required to do a regents in English and they’re not AP focused. For some kids that’s great but it’s not for everyone. I learned while touring that both my kids like structure and testing - this set up didn’t work for either of mine.