beacon process

Yes, this has been a confusing and at times frustrating morning for those of you signing up for a Beacon interview. 

 A bit of the backstory:  Beacon used to interview everyone who requested an interview. Last year they decided to screen portfolios first and then invite people in for an interview. That, after they had already signed up for an interview. 

 It’s a convoluted system. 

It doesn’t make sense to sign up for an interview before you’ve seen the school. It’s a bit strange to sign up for an interview not knowing whether or not you’ll be granted one. 

In the time constraints to get things done before applications are due, one can see why things are working out this way. But then, most interviews seem to take place after applications are due. 

I would hope that these issues will be straightened out a bit going forward. But for now, it’s a bit of a mess. 

Quick side note: last year they invited people for interviews who hasn’t submitted portfolios yet. Those offered were rescinded but it led to more than a bit of confusion.