some last SHSAT thoughts

First off, sending positive and calming thoughts to  all kids and families who’ve got the SHSAT on the horizon. 

I might have said some of this before, but doesn’t hurt to say again. 

We got to Stuy(our testing site) a half hour or so early. We wanted to make sure we didn’t run into any train trouble. Jack saw friends on line and waited with them. That might not work for everyone, but he was relieved at the distraction. They went in together, sat together, and left together. So, where you are on line dictates where you sit and when you leave. 

We set up a post test meeting spot before he went in and I held onto his phone. They’re not supposed to have them at the test. 

When kids exited the building, parents were applauding. Very sweet moment. HUGE sense of relief. 

Jack had a ceremonial throwing out of all his test prep material the next day. To be honest, he felt a bit lost without the prep for a bit. 

This is good practice for the SAT/ACT - he’s still got good test taking skills. 

They used to let kids who took the test know their results earlier than main round only students. But, then more kids took the test, not necessarily earn a spot, but to kind of game the system and get earlier results. My daughter’s year was the first that they had all results on one letter. 

Last minute cramming won’t make much of a difference. 

Breakfast is always important. Sending a snack to eat while waiting or for after might be a good idea. Jack always has granola bars in his pockets. 

At the end of the day, as I kept saying to my kids, it’s only a test. 

And a couple of requests:

I’d love to see a ticket, if someone wouldn’t mind sending a screen shot. If someone could shoot a photo of instructions at the test site, that would be awesome.

And I’d love to hear feedback on the test. It’s changing and I’m curious to hear what kids think.