SHSAT survival stories

Now that many of you have your SHSAT experiences under your belts, I thought I’d share one of mine.

My daughter took the exam in a freak October snow storm. By the time we got to Stuy she was sopping wet, in an inappropriate jacket and flimsy ballet flats. 

I sent her off across the walkway over the highway in a sea of strangers and stood there until I couldn’t see her anymore.

A friend’s mom and I met up to head back downtown together and stopped to get hot chocolates for the kids, figuring after hours of sitting in wet clothes, that would help. 

They used to do pick ups at the front of the school and a GIANT crowd had built up. The snow had slowed but we were still huddling under umbrellas as kids started to come out. 

Slowly kids appeared at the top of the stairs, looking tearful, relieved, a bit shell shocked. Everyone I was standing with met up with their kids, but Izzy was nowhere to be found. I started getting nervous. In fact, everyone I was with started getting a bit nervous as the crowd was now clearing out a bit and my child was nowhere to be found. She didn’t have a phone with her so assorted parents and I decided to split up and see if perhaps she walked back over the overpass or had slipped by without us seeing her.

She suddenly appeared at the top of the stairs, sobbing. I pushed through the crowd, shouting: THAT’S MY DAUGHTER and finally made it to the staircase. I could only imagine what horrors had befallen her during the test.

Turns out she left her umbrella in a classroom. They wouldn’t let her go back for it and it was her favorite. 

I was so relieved, it took almost half an hour before I even thought to ask how the test actually was. 

She said it was kind of fun. 


One of those NYC parenting experiences you’ll never forget.