update on that 2% for ed opt conversation and a request

This, about that top 2% deal, from the incomparable Joyce Szuflita:

The 2% guaranteed placement at an Ed Opt school (if you placed them first) is a very old thing and was retired many years ago. That is why you can't find anything about it. The guy at Murrow didn't know about it because it isn't has been a factor for over 5 years. Where 2% fell statewide changed each year and it would be listed on the top of your app. No other school cared. 

Now, whether you will be in the "high", "medium" or "low" groups from Ed Opt will also be tweaked each year and the cut offs change according to how kids statewide score on the 7th grade ELA. That is why there is no standard number. Your Ed Opt group will also be listed on your application. If you are coming from a private school, talk to the DoE to determine your ERB conversion score and where it puts you within the state score universe. 

If you haven't taken the tests, you need to find out from the school what they might use instead. It is much harder to rank you if you don't have 7th grade test scores. 

My two cents: this option was presented to my daughter, who’s now a sophomore in college, but not when my son went through the process. It quietly slipped away in that time in between.

And a request:

There is SO MUCH that can be discussed about schools, specific programs, observations, discussions - the volume of emails can be overwhelming and not everyone is interested in those specific conversations. PLEASE HAVE THESE CONVERSATIONS IN THE FACEBOOK GROUP. If you haven’t already joined, dive right in. It’s a better forum for this kind of discussion and then info won’t be lost in different threads via email: