honors, accelerated, and rankings

Thanks to Ping, for sharing this info about how one school deals with honors classes:

At today’s tour, ElRo school counselor confirmed that ElRo does give extra point for honor class. Say a student with 95% GPA and all 4 core subjects honor classes, 95% GPA becomes 96% in ElRo’s ranking. It is not done by DOE. It’s ElRo giving extra 0.25 point for every honor/accelerated core course. If only one honor, then 95.25% GPA. 

I’m still waiting to hear back from the DOE about if there’s any standardization about how honors/accelerated classes are treated across the board. Could be that it’s up to each individual school. Could be that some schools give credit or weight, while others don’t. And that is a TERRIFIC question to ask on tours/at open houses. 

If anyone gets any additional info about this, please let me know.