transferring in high school

As questions come up, I’m going to reframe them and send them out from me, to make sure no one’s missing info.

So, what happens if your kid isn’t happy in high schools - can they transfer?

The answer is yes, but it’s not easy. 

9th graders can choose to go through the same process they went through in 8th grade. Touring schools, additional testing, portfolio submission, taking the SHSAT and the timeframe is exactly the same too. Fall tours and due dates, applications due at the same time as well. So your child would have to be horrendously miserable to know, in the first couple of months of school that it will never get better and they want out. Sometimes that’s absolutely valid and you know. But then again, things could change dramatically as they get settled in to their new situation. 

If/when you get an offer, it’s the same as well - a letter in February/March. You DO NOT have to take it. You can choose to stay where you are. 

After that, it gets murkier. There are transfer schools you can send your kid to if they leave after 9th grade. But the DOE is trying to make it easier for kids to move - that was a somewhat recent chancellor announcement. Not quite sure how they’re implementing that. 

I’ve had personal experience with this. My son was miserable at Tech and we tried for a round two transfer during his freshman year. Zero offers. I started to look into other possibilities after that but, in the end, he decided to stay. Freshman year was awful from start to finish. Sophomore year wasn’t much better. He’s finally finding his groove in his junior year and while I think he would have had a much better transition from middle school to a smaller high school, he’s engaged this year by the classes he’s taking as a social science research major at Tech. Sociology is his favorite and he wouldn’t have necessarily had the change to take that if he’d ended up somewhere smaller. 

Even with the best intentions, tons of research, good luck, and wishful thinking, sometimes we hit glitches in the road.