what's best for your kid

Both my kids thought Bronx Science was terrific, Jack especially. It actually was one of the only schools he had a great response to, and he’d say, over and over, that if it was closer it would have been his first pick. 

Jack is not an early morning kid and we knew that being on a bus at 6:40 in the morning was a recipe for 4 years of disaster. We knew that and accepted it, but got significant pushback from parents who had kids there or who were seriously considering it. People telling us that we were wrong, that he’d get over it, that it was worth the 2 hour plus commute, that we were hindering him by not pushing him to rank it first. 

Talk about pressure and ensuing doubt. 

Finally, a friend who had a kid at Science reminded me that these decisions are kid specific and that while many kids do get used to that commute, it’s not for everyone. And that that was ok. I was able to breathe better with that input and we closed the door on Bronx Science as an option. 

Jack’s first year at Tech was an 8am start time and it was generally a disaster - this with a half hour or so commute from the west village to Brooklyn. The Bronx would have been a nightmare for him. And this year, because of Tech’s staggered start time, he starts his day at 9:36, a terrific time for him. 

This is where you’re an integral part of the process. You know your child and what works best for them. Try not to get caught up in reputation or peer pressure when it comes to schools. It’s hard, I know, but advocating for your kid and best fits for them is the way to go.