Stuy stuff

So there’s lots of talk going on about Stuy right now. I can’t speak specifics because I don’t have a child there, but I’ll say, as I say for all schools, it’s not the right fit for everyone. But, for many kids it’s great. My son’s best friend is currently a junior and he’s delighted with the school. Yes it’s tons of work, but he’s got time for extra curriculars, plays soccer on the side, and doesn’t regret his choice. 

Again, this is one of those decisions that you and your family will make. Some kids go in knowing that Stuy is the goal. Others fall in love. Still others feel the pressure is too much. My kids thought it was a great place but felt the pressure. And conversely, not all who love it will earn a spot. I had a family who was sure Stuy was their son’s destiny from the age of 3 on. He and his parents assured everyone that’s where he’d be going. He missed the cut off by 2 points and was devasted and humiliated. He ended up at Bronx Science, and now he and his parents say that he’s found a much better fit. 

Another friend’s son missed the cut off by a point and ended up at Tech. He was offered a full time job at google when he was 17 and is now at MIT. 

Where you go to high school doesn’t determine the rest of your trajectory. It’s one step along the path. Hard to remember in the midst of this, but a good thought to hold on to. 

And below are Stuy’s current homework guidelines, forwarded by a current parent.