Beacon and Stuy open house timings and stuff

Some big open houses are this week. 

Remember, both Beacon and Stuy host 2 open houses and they don’t check you in, so if you have a conflict, just go to their other night. 

Both of these are open houses that are also tours. You wait on epic lines outside, are ushered in as big groups to see an initial presentation, and then are broken into smaller groups to be escorted around the building by students. They take you to determined places. At Beacon you’ll be hearing from teachers and students in classrooms. At Stuy there aren’t always people available to talk to beyond the tour guides. 

My advice: get to these early if you can. Beacon shuts the line down at a certain point and not everyone gets in. I got to Beacon an hour and a half or so before the doors opened and was in the first group in. Jack came up with friends straight from school and they met parents online. We were at Stuy about an hour early and were in the first group there as well. Stuy has a new principal and I heard things are running a bit better at their open hours. Last I went it was a bit chaotic while Beacon’s felt like a ride at Disneyworld. 

Both are great opportunities to ask questions. Plan in advance if there’s anything specific you want to know about.