one month out

Applications are due a month from today. Whew. 

You guys should be mostly wrapping up tours and open houses - things slow down a bunch in November. 

Once you’ve seen everything you wanted to see and have at least a sense of what you’re considering, it’s time to think more realistically about lists and ranking. 

At my house we used post its - to make switching spots easier as we visually formed a list. We’d sit at the table (not always easy to get kids to cooperate), have files of info given out, the high school directory, and notes we took all accessible to help inform discussion and decisions. Schoolfinder, at the DOE website, is a helpful tool (so the DOE says) about getting the most up to date info on schools. That might be good to consult as well. 

This can be an ongoing conversation. You might feel one way today and change your minds tomorrow. That can happen a multitude of times. For both my kids, we finished applications the night before they were due. Iz did her list from the bottom up. Jack changed his first choice at 11pm. 

While you’re in this debating/decision making stage I always have time to meet with families in person or on the phone. Please be in touch if you’re interested and we can talk specifics then.