thinking about spring

I’ve had some questions about spring tours so want to share info now to give you a sense of what’s coming up first. 

First of all, a big head’s up that while things tend to stay the same year after year, you never know when things will change. One example: LaGuardia had there first open house EVER last fall. And also, it’s good to keep in mind that every school does things their own way from how they post info on websites, what kind of sign up system they have, how tours/open houses are run, what time of day they happen, whether or not kids and parents stay together, who runs the tours (students/adults), if teachers are in the building . . . basically everything is a variable and there’s no oversight in place. 

Back to spring - not many schools have spring offerings. On the specialized school side Bronx Science hosts an open house generally in early June, early evening. They ask families to sign up so they can get a sense of how many people are showing up, but there are no check ins or attendance taken. That open house is people flowing through the building on their own, with students and adults there to answer questions. Brooklyn Latin also hosts spring morning tours towards the end of the school year. If you’re interested in either one, I always think it’s great to get tours out of the way before fall, when things can get overwhelming. But, keep in mind, an absence is an absence and 7th grade is key, so you might think twice about taking your child out for a morning to check out Brooklyn Latin. I know parents who went in the spring and if they liked it, brought their kids back in the fall.

Main round schools: Bard Queens and Bard Manhattan host open houses in the spring. Last year Bard Queens also had tours. You can go to either one to get a sense of what the schools are like. They have the same curriculums. The iSchool in Manhattan also has spring tours. Those are the schools that have been on my radar. If you hear rumblings of others, please let me know. And know I’m always scouting around for new and changing info.