contemplating offer letters

 Last week tens of thousands of NYC 8th graders will be getting their offer letters. Today is pretty stressful for many around the city.

This is a great opportunity to check out how your middle school handles letter distribution. Just as all high schools handle things differently, so do all middle schools. I’ve seen lovely emails from guidance counselors offering support and words of wisdom/advice. Other schools do the bare minimum or say nothing at all. Sometimes it’s the PTA/PA sharing updates. This is a good time to see how your school communicates. 

You’ll also find that every school handles distribution differently. Some give letters to kids at the end of the day. Some invite parents in to be there when letters are opened. Some mail letters home. Some email the info. Keep in mind, none of this is set in stone. For example, Salk always mailed letters home. This year they’re giving them directly to kids, but on Thursday instead of Wednesday. 

Once letters are given out, families have two weeks to think about things before they’re due back to guidance counselors. This is especially helpful if students get more than one offer: a main round school and a specialized. Kids can get more than one specialized offer - one at a test in school and one at LaGuardia. Kids can even be offered a spot at more than one department at LaGuardia. Nice challenge to have - picking which program seems to be the best fit. Or sometimes that part can be more stress than families bargain for. My son got his first pick specialized and third choice main round. That was a hard decision to make.