bard queens *TIMELY INFO*

Bard Queens sign ups for both tours and open house start on Monday, 3/20: 

Generally their sign up time is 10am but nothing is set in stone, so check in at their website to see if they post further info.

Both Bards say that attending either Queens or Manhattan gives you a sense of what Bard is all about - same structure, same curriculum. But, very different campuses. It’s been easier to tour Queens in the past, but that’s been shifting over the past couple of years. 

Bard Manhattan usually holds a spring tour as well. Nothing is posted on their website at the moment. 
A shout out to Holly for giving sharing info about this sign up. Last year they posted at the end of March. The year before it wasn’t until April. Every school handles things differently and things shift year to year. If you hear about anything, please let me know and I’ll check it out.

A quick example: last year Millennium tours sold out super fast. The school decided to add more but didn’t announce it anywhere. Someone on their PA told a friend of hers, who told someone on this list, who let the group know. It takes a village.