a bit about how this works

Now that the process is officially underway, with Bard Queens going live for sign ups on Monday, I want to make sure everyone knows how this all works. 

When I hear about schools posting info, I check things out and then share the info via email. I post all emails to my blog on the 41 site as well as list that info in the important dates section. Those emails will say *TIMELY INFO* in the subject line so you know they're sharing updates that are time related. 

Please mark things in your calendars! It's easy when things start ramping up to double book if you're not noting dates somewhere. I've done the double booking myself and that's a unique form of stress, trying to get a new date when under crazy pressure. Once I send info out I generally don't send out last minute reminders. Your inboxes would be overflowing. 

And if you hear anything at all, please let me know. Things change from year to year and sometimes parents in a building, or who know someone at a school will get an early head's up. If you get me word, I'll check things out and then share with the list. An example: Brooklyn Tech posted live tour sign ups last August, weeks before kids went back to school. The webmaster gave me a head's up (I was PA president there for 2 years), so I was able to let people know.