thinking about touring

It might seem a little early to be thinking about touring, but it’s actually never too early to think about touring. 

As spring has ramped up super quickly (generally no one was posting info mid March before), you might want to take a glance at this tour log I put together to get a sense of things you might be looking for when you check out schools.

With each of my kids I had a notebook where I jotted down feedback. Izzy took her own notes. Jack was far less motivated, which prompted the “3 things” section at the bottom, below. On our way home from each open house/tour I’d ask him for the 3 things that stuck out the most for him and I’d jot them down with my notes. When it was time to rank schools, those 3 things helped both of us remember specifics about schools - trust me, things start to blend together after awhile. I’ll never forget he remember the purple doors at Brooklyn Latin, the narrow staircases at Brooklyn Tech, or the architecture on view out the windows of Manhattan Millenium that he’d mentioned. 

I know families printed out copies of the tour log and took them on tours, or jotted down the questions they were interested in notebooks - whatever works, it’ll help a whole bunch at the end of this process to have info from each place you visit to go back and check. You can also download the tour log from the touring info section on the HS411 website.

Also, most schools give out handouts/brochures. Save those as well for when you’re putting your final list together.