*TIMELY INFO* and some organizational advice

This week a couple/few things are going live for spring sign ups: Bard Manhattan, the NYC iSchool, and Brooklyn Latin (although we’ll see - that’s not posted on their website yet - check out links below.


I’d strongly suggest, whenever you’re interested in something, or after you’ve booked it PUT IT ON A CALENDAR and perhaps print out a screen grab. It’s mellow now, but in the fall, when things are happening fast and furious, it’s easy to lose track of things. I will keep repeating that every school handles things differently and that makes it even easier to lose track. When signing up online some send confirmation emails, some require tickets, some give immediate notification - it all depends and it’s up to you to make sure you’ve got it all under control. Keep in mind too that while sign ups all differ, so do actual check ins on tours/open houses. Some schools have check lists, others ask for printed tickets, still others require nothing at all as proof you signed up.


When touring with my daughter I completely spaced about our Eleanor Roosevelt sign up and panicked as I could find no confirmation anywhere. That’s because they don’t send them. I was lucky that there were still spots and i was able to get another but if I’d kept track of things better I would have saved myself an afternoon of freaking out.


A quick tip about Bard: sign ups for this go faster than just about any other school. I've watched it sell out in 2 minutes. If you’re interested in this school, have the page open and be ready to sign up before 10 so you’re all set. For some reason tons of people want to see this school but before you jump in, research and see if it’s a good fit for your child. I know several families who ranked it first, got in, and then realized it was not the right place for their kid.


Bard Manhattan: http://bhsec.bard.edu/manhattan/admission/applying/  goes live on 4/20, should be at 10am


NYC iSCHOOL: http://www.nycischool.org/index.php?c=22 goes live on 4/19


Brooklyn Latin: http://www.brooklynlatin.org/apps/pages/index.jsp?uREC_ID=288378&type=d



ALSO - when these dates become available, they’re posted in the IMPORTANT DATES section of the HS411 website - you can always check there to see what’s up. Sign ups dates are posted as well as events that don’t require sign ups. I don’t post every tour as, for the vast majority, if you show up without signing up you won’t be admitted. You can also check in on my BLOG - I post every email I send there. It’s a good way to catch up on info.

elissa stein