open houses/tours

This year I’m trying something new and putting together a general sense of tours/open houses at schools I share info about. The more info you have going in can make you feel like you’re on solid ground in this very confusing process. Keep in mind, things can change from year to year - all decisions about touring is school based - but much stays pretty similar year to year. 

First up, specialized schools:

All 9 host open houses (last year was the first year LaGuardia hosted one). Generally they take place during the two weeks before the SHSAT, which can get a bit brutal if you’re planning on seeing a bunch. Stuyvesant hosts 2 open houses, split by borough. They don’t check you in, so if you can’t make one day, just go to the other (same goes for Beacon, which I’ll write about at another time). All other schools host one. Brooklyn Tech and Brooklyn Latin host fall tours in addition to their open houses. Tech’s take place at 4 in the afternoon - last year they started the second week of school, which I found a bit odd. Tour guides weren’t prepared yet and kids were not settled into school routines. Brooklyn Latin hosts tours on Friday mornings. Both of those require sign ups. 

For open houses, some schools require you to sign up, others are more of a free for all. As they start posting, I’ll send more specific info. FYI, Bronx Science asks families to register, but that’s more to give them a sense of how many people to expect. They do not check you in or require printed tickets when you get to the school. 

Bronx Science has a spring open house. It’s on Wednesday, June 7. Their calendar says registration details will be posted in early May. Both my kids went to the Bronx Science spring tour - it was great to get that out of the way and not have to worry about it in the fall. And, after that, both decided that although the school was terrific, the commute was too far, meaning we didn’t need to see American Studies, which is down the block. 

Brooklyn Latin’s spring tours are already sold out.