talking about screens and a cool high school talk

In this complicated process, there are eight different admissions methods. In the high school handbook you’ll be getting in June (you can see last year’s online right now), within every school’s listening, you’ll see what admissions method they use. I put together the chart below to help explain which requires what.

Some are straightforward, like the SHSAT used at the 8 specialized test in schools. Others less so. 

Many of you will be checking out screened schools. And here’s the deal about screened schools - every school creates it’s own screen. There is no citywide standard. For some the screen is purely data based: attendance, test scores, grades. Some screen by district or borough. Some add additional criteria like testing, portfolios, interviews, auditions. All this information is available in the high school handbook as well. 

What’s NOT as easily available is how screens are broken down. But, you can absolutely ask about this at tours/open houses/fairs. Some schools do post info on websites, I’ve seen others share it on handouts at the citywide high school fair. 

Some examples: if a school has an optional essay, how does it count in final ranking. Does a kid lose ground if they don’t complete it? Is it worth more or less than test scores or transcripts? For a school that uses only data, how much is each component worth? For an audition school, how much does the audition count? At LaGuardia (which counts as a specialized school although they don’t use the SHSAT and it’s really a screened admissions process, the audition counts for less than 20%). All these are variables you might want to keep track of as you look at schools. At schools with additional criteria, what’s the breakdown of how much each part of the screen is worth? 

Good things to keep in mind as you look at schools and think about ranking. 

ALSOJoyce Szuflita has another talk about the high school process coming up over the summer. You can get tickets here: - this is one terrific talk and I learn something every time I’m in touch with Joyce. She rocks.