Bronx Science spring open house tour sign up is live

Click here to sign up (and thanks Jody!):

It’s happening on Wednesday, June 7, from 5-7:30pm.

This one is a straight up open house. You wander the building yourselves and can pop into classrooms to talk to people and check things out. There is no check in - they ask families to register to get a sense of headcount - it you don’t need to bring any registration confirmation to the open house.  

Both my kids independently decided, after the lengthy subway ride up there, that while the school was terrific, they commute was too much. Start time is 8am and that’s the kind of thing that’s good to keep in mind when you’re looking at schools along with location, length of commute, neighborhood, accessibility, size, facility, extra curricular options - what stands out for you in positive and negative ways.