Bard fall open house dates

Beacon already has their fall open house dates posted on their website (Dawn, thanks for checking so early!). This is super early - they generally post this in the fall. 

But, good to get on your calendars now if you’re interested:

They host 2 open houses, split by borough. But (and this goes for Stuyvesant too), if you’ve got a conflict with your tour, you can show up at the other open house. There’s no registration and no check ins. 

Closer to the actual open houses (like in 4 months), I’ll share more info about what to expect and how to navigate. 

ADDED: I’ll say this again and again: none of this is standardized. Every school organizes tours/open houses/testing etc. in their own way.

On Beacon’s website they say you’ll have a 45 minute tour. At their open house. Sort of conflicting things.

So, Beacon hosts open houses, which means anyone and everyone can show up. And trust me, they do. Every year people get shut out from seeing the school. No, you don’t have to reserve a spot or sign up. But, you don’t wander the building yourself, like at a true open house (along the lines of Bronx Science). You wait on line outside and they split you into groups and students walk you through the building in a very organized fashion. You see what they want you to see.