summer DOE high school workshops happening this week

A quick reminder that the Department of Education is sponsoring high school workshops, starting this week:

The above link has info about those, about their specialized high school admissions talks, and also dates and times for all the DOE high school fairs in the fall. Fair dates will be up on the HS411 website. 

The specialized workshops ask for an RSVP - everything else you can just show up.

I went to the summer DOE workshop my first go round and found it helpful - but I was going into the process knowing just about nothing. It was reassuring to sit and hear the official party line about how things worked. One thing that stuck out: the presenter mentioned that this wasn’t just about the next 4 years, it was about the next 8 because high school experiences influence college options. Completely and totally overwhelming at the time. But also, it was good to hear and true in many ways.