Brooklyn Tech open houses/tours

Brooklyn Tech has their tour/open house info posted too:

Things are changing for this year. They’re hosting 6 sign up tours (down from 14 last year), one tour reception (this is new), and one full on open house. 

Tour sign ups will probably be posted late in August, before kids are back in school. That’s how they’ve handled things in the past. 

The tours are taking place at 4pm. Those are generally student led with a max of 200 attendees. I’ve been told the tour reception is for anyone who wants to come and students will be leading attendees through the building. Sounds similar to what Stuy does. All tours are taking place in September. And then the straight up open house is more like Bronx Science - a free for all where you show up and explore the building yourselves. 

The tour reception is Monday, 9/26 at 6pm. The open house is Thursday, 10/5 at 6pm.

FYI: I always post open house dates and sign up info, when available, in the important dates section of the HS411 website. I don’t list individual tours - there are too many and also it can be misleading when you need to sign up for them in advance.