Brooklyn Tech tours *TIMELY INFO*

Brooklyn Tech tour sign ups are now live:

You can get to the sign up links via the school calendar. I don't see them posted on the homepage yet. 

My two cents: don't go to the ones at the super beginning of the school year. Tour guides/kids will be just starting out and things won't be in a groove yet. 

I've mentioned before, they're trying something new this year: less tours and a second open house that seems like it will mimic the official specialized high schools open houses. Not sure how that will pan out. Tours are smaller than the open houses, but still, there will be 200 or so people there. Nothing at Tech is intimate. And since tours are held aftershool only and are student led, you won't be getting to see classrooms in action or to talk to teachers. Open houses usually have had teachers there - Tech does a good job representing their majors system and having people on hand to talk to.