state test scores (no info yet) and quick catch up

I’ve been asking, but no one’s heard when state test scores will be released. Will keep you posted if/when I get more info.

Also, as school is starting soon, wanted to remind you guys of all that’s already available. All this info is in the important dates sections of the HS411 website, but you might want to start putting things on calendars, if you haven’t already.

All specialized HS open houses have date/time info available. The only ones you have to sign up for are LaGuardia (that’s live now) and Bronx Science (that doesn’t have a sign up yet). LaGuardia caps and closes at a certain number, Bronx Science is more a formality - they don’t check anything when you get there. 

Brooklyn Tech is hosting a regular open house and then a tour reception, which is new. I’m thinking they’ll be remarkably similar but no one knows yet. 

Bard Manhattan tour sign ups are Thursday, 9/7 and Bard Queens are Monday, 9/11. If you’re interested in either of those schools, be ready to sign up before the 10am start time - they sell out in minutes. No joke. There are no waitlists so those are your only opportunities to sign up for those open houses. 

Beacon already has their open house info posted as well - they host 2, split by borough. If you can’t make one date (they often conflict with other school open houses) you can go to the other one. No one checks. Same with Stuyvesant.