Murrow, going forward

(I'm compiling more than one email about the same subject here)

first email: Folks, 2 open houses opened up for Murrow this morning and already filled up. As of last night, there was no notice given that this was happening today. Many schools let families know in advance, so they can plan accordingly, but this came out of the blue.

They will host more events. I will make sure to let you know as soon as they’re posted, but this will most likely be a mad scramble going forward, unless they inform families beforehand. 

And a head’s up about Murrow - they posted info about open houses on their home page, not on their admissions/open house page.

second email: Some schools offer both tours and open houses: Murrow is one (Brooklyn Tech is another and while Brooklyn Latin has in the past, they don’t have fall tour info up on their site, even though they had them last spring). 

Murrow hosts open houses in the fall, that you don’t need to RSVP to. What quickly sold out this morning were tours. They will host more of those. They also have a strong presence at the High School fair. I spoke with several students, and a terrific guidance counselor there last year.

third email: last year Murrow hosted 3 open houses.