a bit of advice

A parent just wrote, says she's been checking out the websites of schools she's interested in, to get a sense of what they're like and also how to find out info. 


The first time I went through this process myself, I broke down in tears trying to find tour sign ups on Eleanor Roosevelt's website. 

As you're seeing - every school handles things differently and that makes this challenging process even more, well, challenging. Some people I know created excel spreadsheets to track info. I found that overwhelming and instead had a notebook, with pages marked off for each school we were tracking. For each school I had a checklist and that helped me stay on top of things. 

I'm working on something along those lines for the schools HS411 tracks (thanks folks for the input and ideas!) and will forward that soon. 

AND - I've heard questions about drugs at some schools. Truth. There are drugs at just about every school, no matter the reputation or academic rigor. There just are. Teenagers will find a way.