more about beacon

Beacon changed up their admissions process a couple of years ago and they’re still ironing out details. 

As of now, it’s a portfolio review/interview screen, in addition to grades, test scores and attendance. 

Anyone can drop off a portfolio and sign up for an interview (interview sign ups are between October 16 and November 14):

but they no longer interview everyone. You sign up for an interview and after reviewing portfolios, they’ll let you know whether or not they’ll interview your kid.

As for the interview itself, in the past they interviewed kids in pairs or slightly larger groups. Teachers and current students participated. And the topic was generally about they work they submitted in their portfolio. They could also talk about why Beacon, extra curriculars, current events. It hasn’t been a finite question or set of questions. They also used to have kids write an on-site essay that they asked them about. Last year I only heard a couple of people had that essay writing exercise. Most didn’t. 

Good to keep in mind: nothing is set in stone and things can always change.