breaking down screens

Many of you will be looking at screened schools. I’ve mentioned before that there’s no standardization for individual school screens - each can set their own criteria and then decided how important those factors are in ranking students. 

Some schools use data only (grades, state test scores, attendance/latenesses), while others choose to add things like essays, additional testing, interviews, portfolio reviews, auditions. That part of the equation is available in the high school directory. What isn’t noted is how schools use those criteria and while that info is supposed to be available to families, it isn’t always.

The screenshot below is from Millenium Brooklyn’s website - they’re sharing exactly how use data to rank kids: 40% grades of core classes, 40% state test scores, 20% attendance/latenesses (again, they only are looking at 7th grade data).They were also handing this info out at the high school fair last fall. 

Asking schools how they use data collected in their screens could be a great question to ask at the high school fair or during tours/open houses.