info from the DOE

You might want to sign up for emails from the DOE. Every year they’re getting better about sharing info with families (below is one I received today).

They’re sharing lots of high school specific info online

A few quick notes:

NYC School Finder is a new tool and in a beta version. It’s a great idea, if you want to search one thing, like basketball or chemistry or a particular AP class. But you can’t search more than one item at a time, so if you’re looking for AP chemistry and football, for example, you have to do 2 different searches and then cross match.

The High School Events calendar is also pretty new and is a great tool when schools supply info. But not all do. Last year only 29% of high schools shared there info on this DOE calendar, so if there’s a school you’re interested in and you don’t see info listed here, check the individual school’s website:

Here’s their Resources page:!+

Down at the bottom is the High School Admissions Workbook, that the DOE used at workshops over the summer. It helps families get more comfortable with the different types of admissions processes, which is good. They’ve included a REACH/TARGET/LIKELY MATCH aspect, which reminds me more of a college application angle. I understand the concept behind it, but while you can get offers from many colleges, you only can get one main round offer for high school. My advice, make sure your child meets the criteria for the schools you want and then rank in order of preference.