more about screens and sort of *TIMELY INFO* about Manhattan Millenium

People have been asking about how schools rank kids within their screens. Great question. 

Not only do screened schools set up their own screens, they can use that data however they want. Beyond that, they can analyze that data however they want as well. And as every school handles things uniquely, there is no one answer to give.

For example (thanks Joyce for forwarding this) Millennium Brooklyn’s screen is data only (attendance/punctuality, test score, grades). 

They break it down to 20% attendance, 40% test scores, 40% grades. 

Beyond that (and this is all on the pdf below) they give points within each of those categories:

Keep in mind - not every school works this way.  Every school creates its own methodology when it comes to ranking students. Again, you can absolutely ask how schools rank kids - this info is supposed to be transparent and available to families. 


Millenium will post tour sign up info the first week of September:

That info could very well be posted before kids are back in class.