scheduling advice

As you can see, the next couple of months can seriously get jam packed. I've already heard from a few of you about  not remembering if you signed up for something, or forgetting which date you chose. 

That's totally normal. This is a ridiculous amount of new stuff in a very short time. 

My advice:

Figure out a system that works for you and WRITE THINGS DOWN. SCREEN SHOT SIGN UPS. PRINT OUT TICKETS. And then keep things in one spot so you don't tear your hair out trying to find stuff later. 

I forgot which Eleanor Roosevelt tour I signed up for. With both kids. I missed the HSMSE tour - forgot to put it in my calendar. And one time I missed sign ups for Millenium. Their parent coordinator was kind enough to put me on a waiting list and I eventually got a spot. 

Organization in this chaos helps.